Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

Do I need to purchase a camp t-shirt for every camp that my child is attending?

A camp t-shirt is included as a part of each child's one-time $15 registration fee. Campers are invited to wear their camp shirts whenever they woudl like. For those campers who are taking a trip to an offsite location, we especially ask that they wear their camp shirt those weeks.

What happens if I cancel my registration?

In most cases, a full refund for any amount you have paid is available. In the case of some Specialty Camps, there is a non-refundable deposit. For those Specialty Camps that do not require such a deposit, if you cancel less than two weeks prior to the camp, we will refund any amount you have paid once we have filled your vacated spot with another camper.

How do I register for camps?

The easiest way is 24/7 online at You can also register by phone between 8:30am and 5pm by calling us at 425.334.6215.

Will I be charged a registration fee?

Each camper is charged a one time $15 registration fee. This cost includes a camp t-shirt, as well as other elements that help to ensure that campers have an awesome time at camp.

I see that your camp is a Christian camp. We are not really church people. Will that be a problem?

Not at all. While we are Christians and want every family to experience a relationship with Jesus in a personal way, we welcome any and all to come to camp.

What do the grades mean?

The grade ranges listed refer to the grade your child is ENTERING IN FALL 2019

My child is doing camp that has them travelling off-campus. Is transportation provided? Is there a fee?

Not to worry. Once you drop them off for camp at one our several locations, we handle the rest. If you are dropping your child off at the location at which the camp is running, awesome! If you find a different location convenient, we’ll take care of getting them where they need to go for a low cost of $19/child/week.

My child’s camp starts at 9am. What time should I drop him/her off?

Anytime between 8:30 and 9 AM is great for drop off. For those needing to drop off earlier, there is Extended Care available ($30/week) and that opens at 7am. Please note that if you require transportation to a different location for camp, your drop-off time might be earlier.

It looks like my child will be on a field trip some days. What time will they be back?

Typically, we try to always arrive by 4 PM. Sometimes the unforeseen (read traffic) happens and it pushes us later, but we’ll do our best.

My child has not stayed at an overnight camp before. How can I be sure they are ready?

Give us a call at our office and we will be happy to talk through any questions you have. We want this to be a fun and exciting experience! If your camper would like to try out the overnight experience, they may enjoy Campfire Nights. Available every Thursday for select camps, Campfire Nights are a great way for those looking to test out the overnight experience or just add more fun to their camp week!

What if the camp I am looking for is full?

If the camp you would like to register for is not appearing, it may be full. Give us a call and we will get you on a waitlist.

My camper is doing a morning camp and an afternoon camp. What is my camper doing during that hour inbetween camps?

Since you have registered for a morning camps (which ends at noon), and an afternoon camp (which begins at 1 PM), we'll hang out with your camper all day. During that hour between camps, your camper and the camp staff will join with the other campers staying all day, have a chance to eat their sack lunch and stretch their legs on our playground equipment. We'll reconve our activities at 1 PM, where we'll ensure that your camper is off to the right camp for the afternoon.