Special Diet Request Form

Cedar Springs Camp

Welcome to Cedar Springs Camp!

One of the great experiences of camp are the meal times. In order to help every camper enjoy meal time, the staff at Cedar Springs Camp work with campers to try to meet any special dietary needs that they may have. These dietary needs include vegetarian, Kosher, and diets based on allergies.

In order to ensure that we plan for dietary needs, we ask that you tell us about any special considerations that we need to take into account when preparing food for you or your camper. As we plan our meals in advance, please submit this request form no later than 2 weeks prior to you family's visit to Cedar Springs Camp. Please be as specific and detailed as possible when describing the dietary needs that you would like us to know about.

Once you or your camper has arrived at Cedar Springs Camp, please identify yourselves to our kitchen staff at meal times so that the staff can match a face to the name that is on the request form.

We look forward to hosting you at Cedar Springs Camp!